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24 November 2010 @ 03:54 pm
[Action-->Video-->Voice] Open Prose or comment spam  
Peter turns on the heel of his foot quickly. Okay, he was trying to use Hiro's power at Claude's behest but this wasn't where he was trying to go. At least he's been here before and he knows what to expect with a sigh he starts walking down the street toward the coffee shop.

"At least no one is likely to throw me off the roof here."

[ooc: have a mid s1 Peter]
Peter Petrelli: scrubs and a smilemybrothershadow on January 28th, 2011 04:28 am (UTC)
/late tag forever
"To see how far it would go." He made it a statement, almost an end to her sentence rather than a question. He did get it and he would have said that in some part it was human nature. When he spoke again, his voice was concerned. Whether Claire liked it or not, he felt responsible for her now. She was his cheerleader and he saved her. She had to stay saved now. "You should be careful though. Okay?" He squeezed her hand lightly when he said it.

"Nathan is running for Senator," Peter explained. He didn't judge her for not knowing. He didn't honestly pay much attention to politics until Nathan got involved. "There's a lot of press and media around right now."

He could hear the excitement in her voice and nodded. He couldn't deny her that. Besides it was good for a teenager to see the world, right? And New York City had a lot of the world in it. "As long as your Dad says it's okay, you can come for a couple of weeks in the summer. If we time it right I'll be out of work and I can show you around."