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02 November 2010 @ 08:48 pm
Hullo! Mod Post  
Hi guys! Kristi here. We're all here for cracky musebox/pf fun right? Right. So what's the dealio?

Roanoke. It's a resort town. It's got a door to 'home'. Your guys can come and go as they please or as you please. Have them pulled here unexpectedly. Have them stop over for a vacation. Have them stuck here indefinitely. Really it's up to you. There are houses, hotels and apartments. There are shops, restaurants, swimming pools, tennis courts. Make it up as you go/as you want your character to experience it. There are monsters, demons, ghosts. Or not. As far as money/supplies/food/etc consider it like a super deluxe Sandals. It's all free for the taking. This is your sandbox. Play in it.

The weather is mild but there are seasons. If you want to plan a plot out or if you want to request something oocly or...whatever go here shakeitup_bitch.

All 'guests' will have a PDA device so voice/text/video posts are a go as are action posts.

First things first. Go here and fill out the scrolly form (thanks to Eri)

Second things second: Start posting.

Some things to keep in mind. Use tags:
character name [username]
!open / !closed

We are probably going to have duplicates here. Let people know if you're not okay with duplicates in your post. It's no harm no foul either way. Uhm...that's all I can think of for now. Go forth and have fun. If you've got questions hit me up on aim rageiscute

Edited Nov 11

The doors that lead back home. Yes they are TARDIS blue. They're set in the side of a wall rather than a real building. The way they work is you open them and step through them into your (character's) world at whatever point in time the character left that world. If you don't want the doors to be working (because of course it's glitchy and doesn't always work) the doors simply open onto a blank wall, sort of an alcove with nothing in it. One character can open the doors and have them not work while another can open them right after and they'll work beautifully. Glitchy.

The Apartment Building
Of course your characters can have their own house if they live in Roanoke full time. These work in this way. You enter the lobby and there's an automated registration desk. You enter your information into the computer there. Name, what sort of apartment you want, etc. It spits out an electronic key like a hotel. That apartment belongs to your character for the duration of ever. Character leaves and the room is 'held' for them. Apartments are modest and furnished like an upscale hotel room. They can be personalized and those personalization will 'stick' as the character ventures in and out of Roanoke.

Edited Dec 1

The High School
Since we've got a few teenagers here running around, Roanoke has a high school! No one is going to make your character go. Unless you've got a guardian figure for your character no one is going to care but it's there to play with if you want to. There are NPC teachers (unless someone wants their character to be a teacher) and NPC kids. Have fun.
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Tim Rigginsaskurself_wwrd on November 3rd, 2010 10:56 pm (UTC)
OH STFU no one wants to hear it.
Nineim_soniced_up on November 12th, 2010 01:26 am (UTC)
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